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One of the main roles of the Eparchial Tribunal Office is to process marriage annulment applications. Annulments are internal procedures of the Catholic Church and have no standing in civil law in the United Kingdom. The granting of a declaration of nullity allows a divorced Catholic to re-marry in the Catholic Church, or for a Catholic to marry a divorced non-Catholic. In some circumstances, it allows for someone to seek reception into the Catholic Church.


Cases are prepared and judged by the Eparchial Tribunal. It should be stressed that there is no guarantee an annulment will be granted. The presumption is that a marriage is valid, and the grounds upon which the inquiry is based must be supported by testimonies from other sources if they are to be proven.


There are several different processes that may be applicable, depending on an individual’s circumstances. If you feel the Eparchial Tribunal may be able to help you, please contact us directly by email to, by letter to MATRIMONIAL TRIBUNAL SECRETARY, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy Chancery Office, 22 Binney Street, London, W1K - 5BQ, or through your own Parish Priest.


All initial queries from priests, parishioners, or any interested party, will be dealt with in strict confidence. 


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