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We host a wide variety of events in our parish which are open to parishioners and the wider public. We welcome you to join us at our upcoming events.


Date: Friday 11 November 2022
Time: 18:30


We will be holding a special requiem concert on Armistice Day to honour the innocents of war; the hundreds of children lost, as well as millions who have been displaced. 

The evening will feature an introductory segment of Ukrainian sacred music by our quartet “Vivo”, followed by a special performance of Adrian Snell's "The Cry: A Requiem for the Lost Child" conducted by Dominic Ellis-Peckham and performed by the London Oriana Choir, Alleyn's School Choir and soprano Katy Treharne.


Organised in collaboration with Beyond Conflict, the mental health charity for conflict zones, the evening is intended to raise funds for mental health work and trauma counselling for Ukrainian children and mothers on the frontline and for the Ukrainian Welcome Centre which is playing a vital role in helping those forced to flee their homes and seek sanctuary in the UK.


Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite:

The Cry
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