Today, more than ever, is the time for your boldest dreams: to tame the universe, to find a cure for cancer, to conquer epidemics, to build a just economic system, to protect the sick and helpless, to seek out alternate sources of energy, to construct means of transportation that don’t harm the planet, etc. Dare to dream! Dream big! Desire greatness!

To Youth on Palm Sunday

Through new contemporary means of communication, a unique opportunity to overcome loneliness by the power of prayer has opened up before us. Possibly more than ever before, pastors now have an opportunity to be in the homes of their faithful through online broadcasts, and to respond to a deep spiritual search for God... 

To Clergy on Holy Thursday

Many of us spent the season of Great Lent isolated from others... Yet even in such challenging conditions, no one has the power to prevent the joyful movement towards the Light, in order that with faith in the resurrection of Christ we might greet one another with the jubilant and resounding ‘Christ is Risen!

Easter Message to the faithful

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